Software & Cloud Solutions

LTE offers cloud-based clinical software as well as tele-medicine/radiology solutions. We provide full Patient Management Software, EMR (Electronic Medical Record), PACS and Video Consultations with Remote Access and Reporting

Healthcare Framework (HCF) is a cloud-based healthcare application framework which is primarily used to manage workflow, patient electronic medical records (EMR), patient data management and consultations (remote or onsite) by healthcare service providers.

HCF was developed by our own team of developers taking various scenarios into consideration to develop a secure, comprehensive cloud based EMR with the tele-medicine functionality which can be customized to suit our customers’ needs. Support and development are done locally to ensure a sustainable solution and quick response times.

LTE offers dicomPACS®, which is an innovative and intelligent high-tech solution for image processing and reporting. All types of images (X-rays, CT, MRI, Ultrasound) and documents can be acquired, diagnosed and then filed in the digital patient file. With the dicomPACS® archive, backup and cloud solutions, we guarantee quick access to all data in accordance with the highest international security standards. Moreover, dicomPACS can be integrated effortlessly with management systems via HL7 or BDT/GDT communication or using an individual solution.