Screening Solutions and Reporting

LTE offers our clients and funders a complete solution related to healthcare screening, statistical analysis and reporting with our cost per patient model, thus negating the need for the client to purchase capital equipment and employ other resources. We manage and provide the entire screening/survey service through our proven mobile clinics and cloud-based software solutions.

Using the cost per patient model, clients have access to their data anywhere, and can track the progress of the study in real time.

LTE which already supplies world class, reliable turnkey mobile solutions and healthcare equipment, offers all components in-house which ensures a cost-effective solution with the necessary support to our clients.

Clinical services offered include, amongst others:

  • Occupational Healthcare Radiology Screening
  • TB Screening Services
  • HIV Screening Services
  • Primary Healthcare & Wellness Screening Services

Dynamic Reporting

HCF provides comprehensive reporting tools ranging from static reports to real time dynamic reporting. We use business intelligence tools to display interactive and user-friendly dashboards that are accessible from the web, mobile and tablet devices for effective monitoring at both patient and programme level.

All Patient data can be reported on and displayed graphically in the patient’s dashboard through the application. Ground-breaking technology and specialized algorithms  allow for trends to be monitored, and patients to be managed and followed-up accordingly, improving patient compliance in the long run. Various reports can be generated for collective groups.