Radiology & Imaging Solutions

LTE Medical Solutions offers superior quality Radiology Solutions that include:

  • Digital X-ray Units
  • CR Systems and Film Printers
  • PACS Solutions
  • Tele-Radiology, Archiving (Cloud) and Remote Reporting Solutions
  • Radiation Shielding Solutions
  • Radiation Testing Equipment
  • Outsourced X-Ray Services including Reporting
  • Technical Support

LTE offers leading brands and are authorized appointed distributors for Samsung, Konica Minolta, Fluke, RaySafe, Jusha and OR Technology.

LTE recently acquired ImageX resulting in a broader product portfolio that includes a wide range of solutions for digital diagnostic imaging, digital mobility solutions, central host connectivity and PACS.

LTE Medical Solutions is dedicated to providing our clients with clinically proven image solutions. We are committed to supply radiology hardware, software and IT solutions that will lead to improved operations, patient care and efficient service delivery.

We offer radiology screening and reporting services related to occupational health and prevalence studies (TB and primary healthcare).

Our objectives are to supply our clients with tailor made solutions to fit their needs and budget that lead to significant cost-savings and reduced operational expenditure in areas such as film printing, CD burning, stationery, fuel costs on collection from remote sites, etc.