Mobile & Alternative Healthcare Facilities

Mobile clinics and healthcare vehicles can take on various forms from small panel vans, light duty trucks, heavy duty trucks with 4×4 and 6×4 capability to buses, as well as container based and pre-fabricated facilities. Just as varied are the disciplines and services offered in these units ranging from primary healthcare services, mother & child services, laboratory and pathology services, dental & eye services, occupational health screening, radiology and imaging services to more specialized surgical intervention and medical emergency services.

LTE Medical Solutions strives to provide a full turnkey solution and services include:

  • Design, layout and project management
  • Vehicles and logistical support
  • Building and conversion
  • Clinical software (Tele-medicine/PACS/EMR)
  • Medical and health technology equipment
  • Installation, training, warranty and support

The idea is to provide various options (modular) for different services to be configured based on the needs from the end user and the demographics. The units are pre-configured to offer multiple disciplines and can be customised to meet deployment area’s burden of disease and end customer requirements.

We offer practice management and clinical software solutions as well as tele-radiology services which could be cloud based with remote access. In case of our radiology offering a cloud based PACS-RIS solution can be implemented with the capability to provide remote reporting by private / public radiologist as well as an EMR (electronic medical record) to give remote specialists access to patient history and medical data.

LTE mobile clinics are custom built and designed to meet the most demanding requirements and customer expectations. Fully self-sustainable including electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems, these mobile units are built with decades of experience and knowledge in the field of mobile based healthcare facilities. Custom solutions for your healthcare needs can be designed and constructed. All our mobile healthcare clinics are equipped with medical and health technology devices suited for rugged and mobile environments. Special attention is paid to maximize the life span of the medical equipment and systems on the mobile clinics. Backed by a comprehensive technical support team the mobile clinics will offer a long and reliable service life.

LTE has many years of knowledge and experience in offering mobile healthcare solutions and clinics that are designed and built taking into consideration all the above-mentioned aspects. Some solutions and offerings we can provide include the following or combinations thereof:

  • Primary Healthcare Clinics
  • Dental Clinics
  • Ophthalmology Clinics
  • Mother & Child Clinics
  • HIV, Sex workers & Circumcision Clinics
  • Occupational Health Clinics
  • Radiology Clinics / TB screening Clinics
  • Laboratory Clinics
  • Health Education Clinics